Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maiko Happy Hour

We recently went to Maiko's happy hour to celebrate Jamie's birthday, a happy and fun affair indeed!

This Party of 7 Speaks 6 Languages! (Birthday Girl 2nd on the Left)
However, I was disappointed to find that Maiko's food has gone from Kobe Beef Sliders to Plain ol' Beef and Soft Shell Crab Sliders to just Plain Ol' Beef and Pulled Pork Sliders. In other words, the quality of the ingredients has visibly slipped with each visit! (visit 1, Kobe Sliders from visit 1, visit 2) Perhaps it's the sad state of the economy.
The highlight turned out to be the Lychee-Berry Mojito! I think my requisite drinking experiences at banquets in China has helped me become more tolerant of alcohol. I can now drink a little more than half a glass if it tastes good.

Lychee-Berry Mojito
Edamame with Sea Salt; Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
Rock & Roll, Salmon Sushi, Buddha Roll, Unagi Avocado Roll; Tempura Calamari and Onion Rings with Sambal Miso Sauce

Chicken Gyozas; Pulled Pork Sliders

Crispy Tofu

Coconut Cheesecake for Jamie

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