Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Z'Tejas Southwestern Grill: Brunch Highlights

Before this media luncheon, I have never eaten at Z'Tejas. My friends know that although I've been in Austin for 7 years, I only just started to get to know Austin this year...through food first, of course! Z'Tejas has 10 restaurants throughout the Western U.S., three of which are right here in Austin. The one on 6th street is the original, where Lance Armstrong and four others started the idea for a foundation to help people fight cancer. During the month of September this year, all Z'Tejas locations raised more than $23,000 to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Z'Tejas Presenting The Lance Armstrong Foundation $23,000
In November, Z'Tejas will host its third annual Operation Turkey Day, preparing a Southwestern meal for U.S. soldiers and their families at Fort Hood military base. Chef Leo Madrigal will prepare dishes like Baked Seafood Enchiladas, Five-cheese Macaroni and Achiote Chicken, Chorizo-stuffed Pork Tenderloin, Wild Mushroom Enchiladas, and Ancho Fudge Pie and Housemade Cheesecake.
I got to sample some of Chef Madrigal creations, and I was pleased to find out that Z'Tejas offers a hearty, Southwestern style brunch. I've started to do some research on brunch venues around Austin and have only just checked out a few. These dishes have certainly whetted my appetite for exciting brunches around town.
The first dish we tried was the Breakfast Quesadilla. I really enjoyed the tomatillo and chipotle sour cream that accompanied the quesadilla. The tartness of the sauce lifts up this hearty dish.

Breakfast Quesadilla-eggs scrambled with bacon, sausage, Jack cheese, potatoes and salsa fresca with tomatillo and chipotle sour cream
Next, came the Chicken and Potato Hash. The crunchy fried shredded potatoes at the bottom of the hash is the highlight of this dish. I would have liked for the sauce to be a bit more spicey to give the dish a more exciting kick.

Chicken and Potato Hash-potato hash, jerk chicken, roasted corn, poblano peppers and red onions, topped with two eggs over easy and chipotle hollandaise
My favorite dish came last, the Beef Barbacoa Breakfast Enchilada. The flavors of the ingredients really came through with each bite.

Beef Barbacoa Breakfast Enchilada-layered beef barbacoa between tortillas with green chile sauce, cotija cheese, green chile rice and black beans, topped with two eggs over easy
I will definitely be interested in trying some more dishes at Z'Tejas. I have my eyes set on the Catfish Beignets and Spinach & Wild Mushroom Omelette for my next visit!

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