Sunday, October 4, 2009

原味齋 (Yuan Wei Zhai): Beijing Duck in Shenyang

BJ took me out to another famous restaurant in Shenyang for another one of my last meals, and this time, we steered clear of the Korean restaurant with the infamous business practice and opted for Beijing duck.

Yuan Wei Zhai
I have to thank BJ for taking me to two fantastic meals in Shenyang. If he hadn't invited me out, I probably would've eaten ramen noodles by myself to avoid the deserted, unfriendly streets of China's 5-day long national holiday (60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC).

Beijing Duck, Crepes, and Duck Bone Broth
The Duck was meaty and not overcooked and tough, which is surprising considering how often it's done wrong and how we're not in a city known for culinary feats.

Beijing Duck; Duck Bone Broth
We ordered a bunch of other dishes, the highlight being my pick, again! The tea pork ribs were "finger lickin' good." I think I ate more than the boys that day. Oops, oh well. I'm not about to fake being Ms. Dainty when good food is on the table.

Stir-fried Celery, Lotus, and Snow Peas
Fried Rice; Fried Chive and Egg Dumplings
Eggplant Slices Stuffed with Ground Shrimp; Tea Pork Ribs

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