Saturday, October 17, 2009


One word: underwhelming. I heard and read about how fantastic the food at Olivia is, but none of the dishes tingled my senses. The now famous milk braised pork shoulder was too salty. I could not finish the dish. My taste buds needed a break after that dish, but the dessert was heavy and very sweet. The lamb's tongue and mint salad turned out to be the better dishes of the night, but not very memorable.

My visit was in the winter of 2008, and perhaps my nose and mouth were numb from the cold. I think I should try Olivia again before I rattle off and end up regretting what I write. The brunch menu holds promise.

Olives; Focaccia and Olive Oil
Lamb’s Tongue Fricasee-dijon pan sauce, yaupon honey, cherry-apricot mostarda; Spinach Salad-goat cheese, pear, and mint
Milk Braised Pork Shoulder with Semolina Gnocchi; Blintz with Pears and Pine Nuts

Fudge; Sticky Bun


  1. THANK YOU. I feel the same way about Olivia... been there three times now, and have yet to be bowled over by the food. Also, for a place that prides itself on seasonality and local eats, why do they do things like serving that same milk braised pork shoulder in AUGUST? In TEXAS? (Sorry for the caps.)

  2. LOL! I also noticed that their menu really doesn't change throughout the seasons. The lamb's tongue has been engraved on that menu since it was praised by many. I checked on their dinner menu online right before I posted this, and the milk braised pork is finally off.
    I don't mind the caps. ;-)