Monday, October 5, 2009

Indian Restaurant in Shenyang

Ah...the globalization of Indian cuisine!

A friend, who introduced me to this restaurant, said that the Chinese owners learned to cook Indian food from their Indian friend. That's extremely sweet of the friend to teach them how to cook such an extensive repertoire of Indian cuisine!

I saved my second visit to the restaurant for my very last lunch and dinner (leftovers from lunch) in Shenyang. I love how you can tell the food is made with care. I love breathing in the aroma from all the spices in the tikka masala, and even better, I love scooping up the sauce with the garlic naan.

Vegetable Rice Pilaf

Garlic Naan; Chicken Tikka Masala
So, why would I choose to have Indian food for my last meal in Shenyang? Well, why not? The city is rapidly changing and developing into a major metropolis. It is attracting international business and will sooner or later become an international city. An Indian restaurant may be unusual now, but other cuisines will surely populate the city in the near future. I just hope that Northeast Chinese cuisine will continue to find its place in other parts of the world as it makes room for others in China.

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