Friday, October 30, 2009

Cravin' for Cajun: Gumbo's and Shoal Creek Saloon

Our boss at work took us to Gumbo's for lunch, and I realized just how much I miss Cajun food. Crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya...quick get me a napkin I'm slobbering just writing these words! I can't blame being in China for this deprivation. Austin is lacking in good Louisiana cookin' in general. It's not often I can afford to eat at Gumbo's everytime I crave it.
I sat down, scanned the menu quickly and ordered the trout Michael, which is trout in a cream sauce with crawfish and a side of jamalaya.
I must have forgotten my manners and ate like a madwoman because my boss asked, "Don't they have anything close to jambalaya or gumbo in China since it's a rice dish?" Rice dishes, sure...there are plenty...but nothing this heavy with flava!

Trout Michael with Jambalaya

The next day, I drove by Shoal Creek Saloon, and saw the words "Duck Gumbo" painted on the side of their building, and pulled into their parking lot without even thinking. My instincts took over...Must eat duck gumbo...inexpensive Cajun food...good... I walked onto the patio in a trance and ordered a bowl of the duck gumbo and a seafood platter of fried catfish and fried crawfish.

Shoal Creek Saloon
I've never been to Shoal Creek Saloon, but I've driven past this place countless times. Unfortunately, that day was likely my last visit. The food was not memorable. Not even the smoked duck in the gumbo could lure me back. The roux of the gumbo tasted burnt and the breading of the catfish and crawfish had none of the flava that usually knocks me off my chair in a real Cajun meal.
Nope, I suppose my search for less expensive Louisiana fare is still on-going.

Duck Gumbo

Fried Catfish, Crawfish, Cole Slaw, and Beans


  1. If you haven't been to Nubian Queen Lola's Cajun Soul Food restaurant, you MUST. It takes forever to get your food and is sort of an...experience...but the food is AMAZING. Best Cajun food in town, by a mile.

  2. Thanks for the rec! I'll definitely give it a try!