Friday, July 3, 2009

Maiko Happy Hour...seems quite a bit different than our last vist

Maiko's happy hour menu seems a bit different (in fact, all of its menus have undergone some change) than our visit after our Fall mid-terms in 2008. For one thing, the Kobe Sliders are now Maiko Sliders, and they were noticeably less delectable than the Kobe. The beef patty was not as moist this time around, and although there's the added flavor enhancement of the spicy aioli, the Maiko Sliders did not win my heart over like its predecessor once did.

Maiko Sliders-avocado, white miso slaw, white cheddar, yam fries
What lifted my spirits up were the Spider Buns! The soft shell crab was buttery and the smoked tomato remoulade added some excitement to the simple ingredients.
Spider Buns-crispy soft shell crab, smoked tomato remoulade, avocado, lettuce
Although this is a sushi lounge, I never actually had sushi here! I decided to change that status and ordered the King Roll. It was as yummy as pretty much any maki, but it didn't wow me. I might as well have ordered the California Roll and gotten the same reaction at a much lower price.

King Roll-king crab, smoked salmon, green apple, and green onions
I wanted to order the green tea milkshake as my drink, but the waitress said that it was more a dessert than a HH beverage. Eh. I could've had this as an accompaniment to my sliders and it would've worked nicely. I think she was trying to get me to order an alcoholic beverage, but unbeknownst to her, I'm the anti-alcohol.

Green Tea Milkshake; Me mistakenly slurping air instead of the shake with my ridiculously short straw

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