Monday, July 27, 2009

Korean Air Food

My journey to Shenyang, China was dotted with a stream of bad plane food. I had such high hopes for Korean Air after reading about their award winning Bibimbap, but being a luckless gal, the stewardess apologized that they just ran out of Bibimbap for my first Korean air meal. I was stuck with a bland pot roast with extremely stinky steamed carrots and brocolli.

Pot Roast

For the next meal on the 14 hour flight from Dallas to Incheon/Seoul, they offered a choice of pasta or chicken. I picked chicken and got utter crap. Why serve fried food when it has to be heated by steam? The batter on the chicken became flour mush on the chicken, which made the entire dish inedible. As odd as this combination is, the side of lox and potato salad was the only tolerable item pictured here.

Fried Chicken with a side of smoked salmon and potato salad

I told myself that I can treat myself to delicious Korean food at the Incheon airport, but of course, my departing terminal was at the farthest end of the airport. I passed by amazing Korean food vendors, none of which allowed to-go orders. I had to make do with a Chicken Bulgogi Burger from KFC. Woe is me.

KFC Chicken Bulgogi and Peach Iced Tea
On my short flight from Incheon to Shenyang, Korean Air decided to torture me with another meal of tasteless porridge and a scary looking shrimp salad. I took one bite of each and stopped. There was no way I could subject myself to this food anymore.

Beef and Dates Porridge with Shrimp Salad

I hope my return flights on KA will be better. Please just let me taste the Bibimbap!!!!!!

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