Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breakfast Near My Former Office

For my buddies still working at TCG Consulting, there are a couple of breakfast joints around the Westlake/Bee Caves area if you're ever in need of some yummy and unhealthy nourishment before heading to your desk and muddling through 8 hours. You know who you are, and I miss you already!

1) Rudy's BBQ breakfast tacos

I didn't take photos, but one taco will fill you up just fine. Ask the cashier to recommend some taco fillings combinations. Nothing beats Casa Maria's machacado breakfast taco though.

2) Lone Star Kolaches

I think this is the best kolache shop in Austin. The roll is not dry and hard to swallow like some places, and not greasy like the butter rolls that some places use to encase the fillings. Lone Star Kolaches is generous with their fillings that are whole and not minced into a texturally disturbing mess like those from some other establishments.
The Quartet-ham, turkey, bacon, and cheese ; Tuscany Chicken-chicken and mushrooms

3) Howdy Donuts

Fickle Foodie and I often lament about the absence of Shipely Donuts in Austin. We like the poofy airyness of their donuts. Ken's Donuts on Guadalupe close to campus isn't bad, Krispy Kreme is way to sweet, don't go near the supermarket donuts, Round Rock Donuts's donuts are huge and tasty, but Howdy Donut makes them the best so far.
A hard working Korean family runs this little shop, and it's nice to see the whole family working together. The children work the counters while the elders make the donuts right behind them. Mmmm. Fresh, handmade donuts...
The dough is light and poofy like Shipely's and is sweet enough to be a true donut, but just so. The free donut holes certainly help blow away the competition. The sausage croissant roll is particularly tasty.

Sausage Croissant Roll

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