Saturday, July 4, 2009

Seventeen Seventeen inside the DMA

Fickle Foodie and I took a day trip to Dallas when the incredible Tutankhamun exhibit came to Texas Fall 2008 (I'm so behind on my food blogging!). That was an awesome trip that turned out to be pretty delicious too!

Seventeen Seventeen's menu gets its inspiration from the changing exhibits in the Dallas Museum of Art. This is an added incentive to musuem-goers who moonlight as foodies.

The East African-inspired menu was very alluring.

Raisin Fennel Roll and Butter with Fleur de Sel
We got our first taste of the exhibit-inspired flavoring with the raisin fennel roll. I'm not sure about fennel and raisin together. It wasn't undelicious, but it's an acquired taste.

Bolero Tea-with Mediterranean fruits, marigold and cornflower blossoms; Berry Lemonade
The beverages were light and refreshing, all the better for washing down the heavier taste of the dishes, especially the Soft Shell Crab on Garlic Naan.
We picked the tuna for starter because we were curious about the "mango noodles." Unfortunately it just means "thinly sliced mango" rather instead of "mango flavored noodles." Our misreading of the description deprived us of trying the East African style starter. We started off on the wrong foot and got something just mediocre. The tuna was flavorless and depended too much on the condiments on the dish although those ingredients have refreshing dispositions of their own and could not penetrate the cold exterior of the tuna.

Seared Tuna-with pickled mango noodles wasabi gelee and avocado "Sabayon"
The soft shell crab propelled our taste buds from slightly bored to tantalized. The smoked duck bacon was out of this world. The garlic naan was fluffy and powerful, which rather masked the meyer lemon mayo, but the ingredients worked magic with the crab. This was one heck of a sandwich!

Soft Shell Crab on Garlic Naan-with smoked duck bacon and mango-meyer lemon mayo
For dessert, we stayed on the East African theme, and ordered the Mango and Pistachio Clafouti. The "fried" ice cream confused me. It wasn't fried, and it didn't taste like ice cream. The dessert was a good idea that wasn't executed at the same calibur as the highlight of the meal.

Mango & Pistachio Clafouti-with green tea anglaise and "fried" ice cream
Even with the ups and downs of this lunch experience, I would still go back to see what new exhibit-inspired dishes chef Stephan Pyles will come up with.
Their current menu shows promise, and several items are variations of my Tut meal. If I visit Dallas before leaving for China, I would want to try:

East African Asparagus Soup with Vanilla Lobster
Gulf Crab Fritter with Citrus, Avocado and Thai Chili Essence

Tamarind Cured Beef Tenderloin with Local Watermelon, Feta, Olive and Spiced Walnuts
"BLT" with Jumbo Prawn Salad, Smoked Duck Bacon and Mango-Meyer Lemon Mayo
Note that they are closed beginning Friday, July 3rd and will re-open for lunch service on Tuesday, July 14th.

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