Friday, July 3, 2009

Bountiful Bakery and Cafe

While pondering where to go for lunch at work, Amanda suggested a cute sandwich shop with a cause. The family that runs this local bakery once lost their daughter, Libbie, to cancer. A portion of the bakery's net profits goes to the Loving Libbie Memorial Foundation to help children with cancer.

Once we arrived at Bountiful, we both cooed at the country home, girl's fantasy pink decor. It's definitely a nice sanctuary away from the dull grays of the office. I guess others felt the same way too as the place was packed. Hours before coming for lunch, Chaille and I had consulted the menu online. I had my heart set on the Mango Jack Quesadilla and Chaille ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad.

Pink Case of Baked Goods; Chaille

Chicken Caesar Salad

Mango Jack Quesadilla
The Mango Jack Quesadilla was quite tasty. The mango and the jack cheese made a mouthwatering savory-sweet combination of flavors, but the quesadilla lacked body, which could be solved with some chicken meat, and so the overall effect was floppy and drippy.
I think I'll come back for the fried green tomato and bacon grilled cheese sandwich on my next visit.
We both ended our meal with a sweet treat. It was definitely sad heading back to the office after such spoiling.
Decorated Sugar Cookie

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