Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Medieval Times Dallas: The Cheesiest, Funniest, Christmas Dinner

Medieval Times-Dallas

My brother and I always wanted to see the dinner show at Medieval Times since we were kids.  Our parents took us on numerous roadtrips, and Medieval Times enticed us youngin's everytime we passed by its various locations on the highway.  Our fascination with medieval violence probably stems from watching Ivanhoe and rewinding and rewatching the last fight scene from elementary school to this day.  We always burst into guffaw when Front de Boeuf chooses the forbidding flail, leaving Ivanhoe on a very sad defense for the first half of the fight.

From the cheesy exterior, I expected the show to be cheesy-bad and the food to be pseudo-medieval-better-than-gruel fare.  Turns out, the show was fun and engaging and the food wasn't bad!  In fact, the apple turnover was absolutely delicious. 

Tomato Soup; Roasted Chicken, Spare Rib, Baked Potato with Herbs and Spices

Apple Turnover

We were assigned to cheer for the yellow knight.  Unfortunately, the green knight, the antagonist, picked to fight our knight first, which obviously meant that he was as good as dead.  That didn't matter, I cheered for the remaining knights and had a fantastic time being a kid again!  I'm glad I got to share this dinner show with my brother.

Jousting; Yellow Knight Losing

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