Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bistro B: Another Delicious Vietnamese Food Venue in Dallas

Bistro B

Thanks to my brother's friend's food blog, we made sure to try two highly recommended restaurants in Dallas-Bistro B and Sushi Robata

Bistro B has an encyclopedic menu.  We dove right into Jessica's recommendations and ordered 2 BBQ minced pork rolls, 2 BBQ minced shrimp rolls, and a plate of roasted quails.  I also ordered a catfish clay pot and a diced beef fillet with tomato rice. 

I was slobbering all over myself as I stuffed a roll in my mouth and eyed the quail as it arrived...then tore into the quail and eyed the remaining rolls.  This is not the place to pretend you're a refined diner.  The food is too damn good to waste time on maintaining self-composure.  I'm proud to say I ate with GUSTO!

These rolls are different from the standard Vietnamese spring rolls in that instead of rice noodles, the rolls have crunchy, fried egg roll skins!  These are definitely less healthy, but super tasty! The texture is amazing.  It has the sticky pull of the exterior rice wrapper, then a crunchy, flakey interior, and it's all tied together with the creamy peanut sauce.  YUM!

BBQ minced pork rolls and BBQ minced shrimp rolls with peanut sauce

Insides of the pork and shrimp rolls-crunchy fried spring roll skins instead of rice noodles!

The roasted quail is the most delicious quail I've ever tasted!  It's crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  Its sweet and savory juices penetrate every pore of the quail. 

Roasted Quail

The catfish clay pot was good, but way to salty.  It goes well with white rice.  The diced beef was tender and flavorful, but Sunflower's shaken beef in Austin is still the best version of this dish I've had so far.

Catfish Clay Pot

Diced Beef Fillet with Tomato Rice

The only bad thing about Bistro B is that they definitely use MSG.  I was dreadfully thirsty after the glorious meal!

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