Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chao Vit Thanh Da: Inside the Saigon Mall Food Court in Garland, TX

I had no idea that the Dallas-Metro area has so many Asian commercial centers like a spread out version of Rowland Heights in California!  Just search "Asian Markets Dallas" and you'll get a map of 10 Asian market locations! I recently visited Hong Kong Market Place, Asia World Market, and Saigon Mall

Saigon Mall

It was snowing when we arrived at Saigon Mall, so our instincts told us to hit the food court for a hot bowl of pho.  I got caught up in the vareity of Vietnamese eateries and wanted to try everything.  There were 2 or 3 places selling 20 kinds of banh mi!  It's glorious!

Saigon Mall Food Court

Of all the vendors, I picked Chao Vit Thanh Da because they had the most customers.  The 3 of us ordered a beef pho with meatballs and a plate of grilled pork, steamed egg with ground meat and clear noodles, pork skin dusted with peanut powder, salad, and cracked rice.  I wish mall food courts have Vietnamese vendors!  The food at Chao Vit was excellent and the rice combo plate was enormous at only $6. 

Chao Vit Thanh Da

Rice Combo Plate; Beef Pho

Grilled pork, steamed egg with ground meat and clear noodles, pork skin dusted with peanut powder, salad, and cracked rice

I remember that I used to eat around the pork skin because it gave me the creeps, but I got over it this time and found the chewy strands quite delectable with the peanut powder!

Beef Pho


  1. Hey, you redesigned your blog! It looks great!

    What is that bread-like thing on the grilled pork plate? Is it just regular bread? I can't tell.

  2. That's the steamed egg with ground meat and clear noodles.

    Thanks for the comment on the new look! I wanted a cleaner look and with a cat theme, of course! ;-)

  3. Hi!
    I was there recently... and I totally agree with your review... perhaps that is also because I am Vietnamese.... hmmmm.... you have really nice photos of the food mall court.. do you mind that I use it for my blog?


  4. You can use my photos as long as you ask for permission and cite the photo as taken by Food Dilettante.


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