Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chicken Hearts

My friends all know that I like to play a conversational gross-out game of "What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?" I can usually beat out everyone. C'mon. I come from a family that can stomach almost everything except dogs, cats, and live animals.

My mom got introduced to some of the oddest foods by some colorful people. A nun in Taiwan served mum her first snake stew, her best friend, a masseuse to the famous and the powerful, gave her a pot of braised chicken testicles to take home without bothering to tell my mom what the freakin' delicious bits were. My mom promptly served me a bowl when she got home, and I willingly popped them in my mouth one after another.

My brother, Eddie, wrote a wonderful short story based on the various delicacies we've shared growing up. He recently cooked a pot of his own childhood favorite, chicken hearts. I asked him to share on my blog a photo of his pot o' gold. This is one delicacy I have yet to try. I've had calf's heart and lung before, so chicken heart is not that much a stretch.

Soy-braised Chicken Hearts

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