Monday, August 3, 2009

Jing Qiao Teppanyaki at Heping District, Shenyang

For my first work day lunch, we walked into what looked like a hole in the wall, but when we walked in, it turned out to be a posh teppanyaki restaurant. We ordered the least expensive prix fixe, which turned out to be 300 RMB. The meal started with a glass of the infamously undrinkable bai jiu, salad with thousand island dressing, a bowl of edamame, miso soup, chawanmushi, and salmon sashimi. I was most excited about the chawanmushi because you simply can't get this at Japanese restaurants in Texas, and I always have intense cravings for it when I'm in a Japanese restaurant! At the bottom of the steamed egg are shrimp, fish cake, and a mushroom.

Bai Jiu; 3 dipping sauces

Salad; Edamame

Salmon Sashimi; Chawanmushi
Then the teppanyaki chef came in and cooked up a storm. Our first off-the-grill dish was straw mushrooms (enoki) wrapped with sliced beef. Next, came the incredibly large shrimp, salmon, and fried rice. Everything was delicious and the chef made sure we knew that the restaurant doesn’t use MSG. The extravagant lunch ended with a couple slices of watermelon.

Chef Grilling Enoki; Gigantic Shrimp

Beef Enoki Rolls; Fried Rice

Grilled Salmon

This place is outside of my daily budget and there are so many other restaurants around work to try that I probably won't return.

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  1. I think considering what they gave you for the least expensive package for RMB 300, it is indeed expensive !!
    Edamame , mushroom, salad and eggs are definitely locally sourced , and China has incredibly affordable basic raw materials such as those mentioned above.
    The beef , I suspected they were from China grown cattle.( They are making Kobe beef now, I heard )

    Maybe the cost comes from the shrimp and salmon slices. Those shrimp are definitely imported not the usual average Chinese eat and salmon could be Australian salmon, but if those are Norwegian salmon, sheesh!! they were definitely overcharging.