Monday, August 3, 2009

Bao Zi Vendor in Heping District

Baozi Vendor and Menu
For a cheap lunch, my foodie partner in crime in China and I walked through a bustling street that transforms itself 3 times a day (early morning open vegetable market, late morning-late afternoon sidewalk restaurants, and evening night market street vendors) to get to a simple bao zi (steamed stuffed buns) vendor near work.
For RMB 1.80 yuan (a whopping $0.26!), we got ourselves a filling meal of chicken bun, pickled vegetable with meat bun, and shrimp bun.
Chicken Bun, Pickled Vegetable and Meat Bun, and Shrimp Bun
Unlike the teppanyaki restaurant nearby, I will definitely revisit this vendor and try everything else on the menu!
Chicken Bun

Shrimp Bun; Pickled Vegetable and Meat Bun

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