Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pan-Fried Bao Zi Class

Our office arranged a bao zi class after work one day, but unfortunately the teacher came with the meat and veggie fillings pre-mixed and marinated and the dough made prior to our arrival. We only learned how to roll and wrap the filling, which I've already learned from my mum. It wasn't a pointless class because I did learn to wrap the bao zi into leaf and flower shapes and get the recipe for the dough, which was the best bao zi dough I've ever had.

The Bao Zi Assembly Line

Barbara Rolling Out a Bao Zi Wrapper; Me Pretending It's My First Time

Chives and Egg Filling and Pork and Cabbage Filling; Wrapped Bao Zi Ready to be Cooked

My Pretty Well Wrapped, Regularly Shaped Bao Zi; The Teacher's Amazing Flower Bao Zi

Bao Zi in a Greased Pan; Pan-fried Bao Zi


  1. Wow, that flower bao zi is stunning! Though yours looks quite nice as well.

    I guess, even if you didn't get to make the dough and fillings, you still got to eat some dumpllings - that part must have been nice?

  2. OMG this looks so fun! I have been intending to make my own bao zi for awhile... I'm intimidated though!

    I really wish I could find a good place in Austin though that sells some!

  3. What's the gist of the dough recipe?

  4. The chef wrote it down for me in Chinese. I will post the dough recipe once I've translated it.