Thursday, August 27, 2009

Qiqiha'er and Hohhot Hot Pot

Hot pots are apparently tremendously popular throughout China, even in places as remote as Qiqiha'er in Heilongjiang Province and Hohhot in Inner Mongolia. I guess it's not too surprising considering these two provinces along with Jilin and Liaoning are freezing cold in the winter. I'm certainly not about to start complaining because a hot pot dinner is delicious and fun. Only 3 things can ruin a hot pot experience: unfresh ingredients, bad, oily broth, and bad company. Fortunately, I haven't had any of these experiences in China.

Qiqiha'er: Wang Zi Hot Pot 王子火锅
Hot Pot Heated by a Can of Petroleum Jelly

Lazy Susan Full of Veggie and Meat Ingredients; Pot o' Lamb, Spinach, and Potato Noodles

Fried Sesame Rice Balls (Mochi-like) with Red Bean Paste Filling
Inner Mongolia: Zang Ku Niu 藏酷牛
Zang Ku Niu
Mongolian Sesame Paste Sauce with Fermented Tofu Sauce, a Salty Green Sauce, and Pickled Garlic; a Stand of Veggie Ingredients

A Whole Lotta Lamb and Beef Slices; Hot Pot Heated by a Personal Electrical Stove

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