Friday, August 28, 2009

Qiqiha'er BBQ

I was taken to carnivorous heaven in Qiqiha'er by locals who were keen on impressing me with their cuisine. This meal was the most memorable one I've had so far in Northeast China. The variety, quality, and flavors of the BBQ made me an eating fiend. I had remind myself to maintain my composure.

After the host ordered a gazillion ingredients from the menu, waiters and waitresses wheeled in carts full of our BBQ items.

Oregano, Sesame, Chile Powder, Peanut Powder; Vinegar and a Special Sauce
I was told to pile my plate with all the condiments on the table and mix them all together.
Garlic Beef
Then, the grilling marathon commenced.
Sweet Potato and Pickled Cabbage; Meat n' Potatoes
Qiqiha'er BBQ Condiments
Lamb Skewers and Grilling Sweet Potatoes and Beef
Steak with Red Wine; Grilling Veggies
Dipping Tofu in Egg Yolk Before Grill-Frying
What separates this BBQ experience apart from all the other BBQs I've had before is the finale of hand made fresh noodles. The waitress poured a hot water into our deep-dish grill, scraped all the remaining traces of browned meat juices from the bottom of the grill dish, incorporated our grilled veggie and meat leftovers, brought the mixture to a boil, and tossed in the hand-made noodles.
Hand-Stretching Noodle Dough; Hand-Tearing Noodles from Stretched Dough
Making Noodle Soup with the Grill
This was the best Northeast China meal I've had. I know, I'm using a ton of superlatives here, but I am not exaggerating.

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