Monday, August 31, 2009

Dongbei Interpretation of Korean BBQ

There's a popular Korean-style BBQ restaurant near work that really does not taste Korean but is nonetheless tasty, filling, and inexpensive.
On our first visit we experienced an arduously uncomfortable attempt at good service. They assigned a waitress to grill our food for us at our table. The waitress placed a handful of meats on the grill and left for 5 minutes without leaving us the tongs, the meats came dangerously close to turning into carbon before she came back to add more. We had no control over the cooking process and the awkward rhythm of our meal was unexpectedly stressful.

Plate of Spiced Lamb for the Grill; Side of Peanuts, Seaweed Salad, and Ground Peanuts and Sauce for Dipping
Unlike the tea house, we came back to this BBQ joint because the food was good and is very affordable. We were smart enough to point out to the waitress that we wanted to grill our food ourselves the second time around.

Beef; Pumpkin

Grilling on Wax Paper; Barbara Flipping the Lamb and Beef

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