Sunday, August 30, 2009

Da Qing Hua 大清花 Manchurian Dinner in Shenyang

What I've noticed about Manchurian food in China is that the big meat dishes tend to be tasty, and the other dishes are anyone's guess. In this case, the pork ribs were excellent, the green dumplings were delicious but with a questionable meat filling, the complimentary tofu mush with corn kernels and salted egg yolk were disgusting as it got cold, the cabbage was coated in oil, and the noodles with meat sauce were the blandest of its kind. The fried eggs on the noodles were like the plasticky kind found in a MacDonald's breakfast sandwich!

Pork Ribs; Noodles with Meat Sauce

Green Dumplings
Cabbage; Tofu mush with corn kernels and salted egg yolk

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