Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shenyang Dumpling Party

Bridget hosted a dumpling-making party where we made everything from the wrappers to the filling. We made a pork and cabbage filling and a shrimp and chives filling for the Chinese dumplings, and Sung made fried Korean dumplings with egg, chives, and potato noodle filling.

I dump things together when making dumpling filling and never measure any of the ingredients, so I didn't take any notes at this dumpling session. Dumplings can be an exploration of what tantalizes your own taste buds. There shouldn't be too many rules attached to food you can make your own. Dumpling fillings can be almost anything, so I recommend experimenting with various meats and vegetables. One of my favorites is pork and shrimp filling. The ingredients I add to almost all meat fillings are minced ginger, chopped scallions, soy sauce, and sesame oil.

The dough, on the other hand needs to be done just right. I, unfortunately, have the habit of not taking recipe notes, so I will ask the studious Bridget for the flour and water measurements.

Chopping Chives; Ready to Mix Cabbage, Scallions, and Pork

Cutting Clear Noodles; Scrambled Eggs, Chives, and Shrimp

Making the Wrapper Dough

Prepping the Dough

Rolling Out the Wrappers

Wrapping Dumplings
Practicing My Flower Wrapping Skills (but should really be for baozi)

Ready to Eat!

Korean Dumplings Frying; Sung Posing Next to His Dumplings

Korean Fried Dumplings

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