Wednesday, September 16, 2009

American International School in Dalian

American International School in Dalian; Surrounding Area Near the School's Golden Pebble Beach Location
The students at the American International School in Dalian are some of the most fortunate Americans in China. The school made our tummies very happy when Barbara and I spent a weekend there. A big thanks to Lisa and Robert for being amazing hosts and for their hardwork in running the amazing school.
On our first morning, we had our first American breakfast in China. It came with REAL coffee. We each had our Folger's commercial moment with our cuppa joe.

The ingredients used for the American breakfast dishes were not imported from the U.S., so certain things tasted different. For example, the sausage was really Chinese sausage, which is sweeter and chewier, the pancakes had more of a Chinese sweet cake texture, and the hash browns were more like fried potato mush than shredded potatoes. But even though this wasn't an authentic American breakfast, it was a successful variation.

Pancakes, Hash Brown, Sausage, Ham and Eggs; Sirloin Ground Beef Patty, Hash Brown, and Eggs
After a day of sightseeing, Barbara and I returned to the school for a luau, complete with a pig roast! Early that morning, Robert and the crew built an outdoor oven out of cement bricks, mud, and sheet metal. They bought a pig from a local farm, prepped it, and locked it in a grill cage for a long day of roasting. Barbara and I ate like barbarians that night, and we didn't care.
Making the Oven

Roasting Pig

Roast Pig is Done!
Carving the Pig; Luau Buffet
Polynesian Platter; Fruit Kebabs
The previous luau night filled me up quite well, but we surely couldn't miss out on our last grand American breakfast in China! I ordered the amazing breakfast burrito. The pico de gallo was the best I've tasted! And I'm from Texas!!!! That's an embarrassment to Tex-Mex cuisine back home, folks. The tomatoes were sweet and fleshy, the bell peppers were fresh and cruchy, the onions were sharp and pungent, and the pico got its tangy bite from the lime juice. The American International School rocks!
Breakfast Burrito


  1. the pancakes look like japanese red-bean-paste sandwiches.

  2. Good observation! The pancakes tasted like the honey-sweet Japanese red bean paste cake sandwiches w/out the red beans