Saturday, September 12, 2009

Li Lian Gui 李连贵

Queueing Up at 李连贵

Before coming to Shenyang, I watched a documentary about the city, and it mentioned that Li Lian Gui was a must for anyone visiting Shenyang. When I went to the far-flung city of Qiqiha'er on a work trip, the locals all asked me about Li Lian Gui! When I returned from that trip, a visit to Li Lian Gui rose to the top of my to do list.

The restaurant specializes in one dish-pancakes with thinly sliced pork meat. Don't get anything else here. There's a reason why you have to fight the crowds. The pancakes are pure hearty, chewy, and smokey deliciousness. The ingredients that completes this dish are the raw green onions and the thick, dark, salty paste, similar to the tian mian jiang that accompanies Peking duck.
I thought that the dish would come with the meat already stuffed in the pancakes. As we looked around the room, we saw that everyone had their own way of wrapping or stuffing the meats into the golden wrappers. I opted to use half of the pancake and made a pocket for the meat like a pita. Sung placed the meat on top of his pancake halves and rolled it up.

Pork; Green Onions and their Special Sauce

Fried Savory Pancakes, Pork Meat, and the Fixings

I think this will fare very well in Austin's food trailer scene.

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