Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oat Flour Noodle Banquet in Hohhot

A well-known Inner Mongolian dish is steamed oat flour noodle. Before leaving Hohhot, the guide brought us to an oat flour noodle restaurant.

Oat Noodle Banquet
You pull the steamed noodles from the bamboo steamers and dress them with the lamb soup sauce. The oat flour noodles had a terrible, rubbery texture and cooled too quickly, which made it even more rubbery. Some of the noodles are stuffed with carrots and radishes, which didn't make them taste better. All the non-oat flour noodle dishes were quite tasty.

Oat Flour Noodles

Oat Flour Noodles

Lamb Stock Sauce; Oat Flour Noodles with Carrots

Oat Flour Noodles

Pork and Peppers; Noodles with Green Bean Sprouts

Tofu with Bean Paste Sauce; Mutton & Potatoes

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