Saturday, September 19, 2009

The One and Only Kao Rou Bao Food Stall 烤肉包

Mr friend, Bridget made a fantastic local food find on her daily walk back home from work. A mom, son, and daughter-in-law run this small food stall (No. 16, Nan 6 Jing Jie, Heping District 和平区南六经16号), and the trio has created an awesome, new form of bao zi: griddle-baked bao zi.
This isn't some novel attempt at creating a new food craze. At 1.20 RMB ($0.18) a bun, you get an affordable gastronomic jewel that literally bursts with savory, porcine juices.
The mom first brushes the upside-down-dome-shaped griddle pans with oil ,then coats the domes with a special batter rather than the standard bao zi dough, scoops a ball of pork into the center, and seals the bun (base of the dome) with more batter. The batter has a mochi-like texture between the crisp exterior and the juice-soaked interior.
The Mom and Daughter-in-law; Their Savory Concoction

Kao Rou Bao 烤肉包
These babies came piping hot in brown paper bags. After it cooled down a bit, I bit into one and thought it was tasty, but I wasn't blown away until after I finished it. My tongue searched futilely for a stray kao rou bao morsel in my mouth. I'm definitely coming back to feed this new addiction!

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