Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lao Bian Goldfish-Shaped Dumplings!

Although I only like one kind of dumpling at the famous Lao Bian, I dragged some friends to the restaurant so that we could order the goldfish-shaped dumplings that the waiter wouldn't let me order when I ate alone. Damn the no-singles policy!!!!

We ordered some forgettable dumplings and a super weird looking stir-fried green bean dish...just look at it! It's a mutant!

Boiled Dumplings; Stir-fried Mutant Green Beans
I don't remember how the gold-fish shaped dumplings tasted (I can't even remember the filling), but just seeing it made me jump up and down in my seat. Notice my ear-to-ear grin.
Steamed Goldfish-Shaped Dumplings

I Just Couldn't Contain My Happiness


  1. Just freaking adorable! And- no-singles policy? Yuck!

  2. Hahaha! They were so mean to me when I went there by myself. They sell the goldfish dumplings individually for 30 yuan each. I asked if I could order just one goldfish, the waitress said, "no." I asked if I could order a whole bamboo steamer of it, and she said, "we'll only make them for a table with 8+ people." When I went with 3 Caucasians (just 4 people), they happily made 4 for us. BULLS***!!!!! I object to mistreatment of Chinese-Americans in China. This was just one minor example...