Friday, June 5, 2009

Simple Stuffed Veggies

I hate following recipes because it requires you to buy certain ingredients that may not already be in your fridge. For a grad student, that can add quite a chunk of money to your monthly grocery expense if you don't meal-plan while you grocery shop. I'm a firm believer in scrounging something up from stuff you already have.

Stuff in the Fridge and Pantry
Bell Pepper
Bok Choy
Ground Pork
Italian Bread Crumbs
Olive Oil
A-ha! La courgette farcie et le poivron farci avec 白菜 con linguine. A little bit of French, Chinese, and Italian cuisine!
I halved the bell pepper and zucchini and scooped out the seeds, rubbed olive oil all over the veggies with a paper towel, and stuffed the cavities with a mixture of very lightly soy marinated pork, bok choy, and bread crumbs. I covered the bottom of the baking pan with some water so the veggies won't burn, and placed the veggies onto the pan and into the oven. I prepped a simple linguine tossed with tomatoes and parmesan to go with my veggies and a meal is made.
Stuffed bell pepper and zucchini

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