Friday, June 26, 2009

Madam Mam: More Dishes I've Tried Other than F11

I always get the same noodle dish at Madam Mam-F11. I felt like being a rebel and trying something different...sort of...My dining companion ordered F11 to share with me.

I ordered the A3 Kao Tung (Thai rice cakes with minced pork and shrimp in a spicy coconut sauce). It was a savory treat but not impressive as I couldn't taste the meat that's allegedly in the dish.

Kao Tung

For dessert, I had the Sticky Rice with Thai Egg Custard. This dish was deliciously creamy, warm, and comforting, but I still prefer the Sticky Rice with Mango because of the nice sweet-tart balance.

Sticky Rice with Thai Egg Custard

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