Monday, December 20, 2010

La Boîte Cafe: Follow-up

So last time, I wrote that La Boite's croissants were dense and were not flakey.  But after buying croissants early in the morning rather than in the afternoon, I realized that their freshly baked croissants are indeed flakey, particularly the almond croissants. 

Assortment of Croissants: butter, ham and cheese, and almond

I was even happier when I found out that La Boîte makes macarons, and not just the boring usual flavors, but bold and creative ones!  Below were the first macarons I bought from this bakery.  I have also tasted rose, guava, durian, pistachio with chocolate ganache, and chocolate with coffee cream.  Forget about the dinky Central Market macarons, these are much more satisfying!

Assortment of Macarons: (I forgot what the multi-colored one is), lemon, vanilla, fleur de sel caramel, plum, and green tea 

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