Sunday, January 24, 2010

La Boîte Cafe

After reading many Austin blogs about the coffee and croissants at La Boîte Cafe, I figured that I shouldn't hold off on my share of "the flakiest croissants in Austin" any longer.  My first impression was that partners Victoria Davies and Dan Bereczki have created a fun twist to an environmentally friendly eatery by reinventing a shipping container's space as a cafe with a clever name.  I had no idea how the food would actually taste.

I arrived too late in the day to get the sold-out almond croissants.  I had to settle with a small café latte and a paper bag of 3 plain croissants.  The latte was deliciously strong.


The croissants were indeed delicious.  But I found these to be more dense than flakey (I bought in the afternoon so maybe the flake factor had decreased by that time).  I'm not a pastry expert, so I don't know what characteristics make a true croissant.  I've had a range of greasy and limp croissants to flakey and light ones from various bakeries.  I haven't had a croissant of La Boîte's density and ungreasiness though.  The the croissant had a springy texture as I chewed.  I enjoyed these and will come back earlier in the day on my next visit to try the almond croissants.

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  1. You have to also try the caramel fleur de sel macarons next time! They are out of this world.