Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting 2010 on an Italian Note

My brother is visiting from Dallas, and we celebrated his birthday at Cannoli Joe's.  Eddie loves Italian food and filet mignon, and Cannoli Joe's is offering filet mignon in their buffet line up every evening in January! 

Entrance to the "Villagio"

Yes, the building is Las Vegas-style cheesy, but if the food here is delicious, filling, and affordable and the service is attentive and not intrusive.  I had a wonderful time exploring the various clearly categorized sections of the buffet line.

Pork Section

My brother and I went straight for the filet mignon, and we were not the least bit disappointed!  The filet was flavorful and tender, and served at the right temperature.  I love how they drizzled minced garlic, parsley, and melted butter over the meat. Although I took photos of mostly meat dishes, the buffet has a surprising amount of vegetarian dishes.  One vegetarian must is the Pizza Bianca with Feta and Spinach!

Filet Mignon

White Bean Bruschetta and Pesto Pomodoro Bruschetta


Pizza Bianca with Spinach and Feta

My favorite part about the dessert section is the big selection of ice cream flavors.  I had two large scoops of coffee and pistachio.  By the time I finished the ice creams, I was too full to try the cannoli and other sweet temptations.

Happy Birthday, Eddie!


  1. Thank you for joining us at Cannoli Joe's to celebrate your brother's birthday!!! Our chef, Bob Hauser, graduated from the CIA in NY and then studied in Italy for 10 years to learn the traditional Italian recipes. Everything is made from scratch and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!! We hope to have you back soon.

    Vanessa Tobias
    Events Coordinator
    Cannoli Joe's and The County Line Restaurants

  2. Hi! I just love this blog! Wonderful reflections on the food and your travel!
    I came across a post from back when you were in shenyang, a Tea House. The concept sounds pretty cool, I 'd like to give it a try when I go back there. So could you please tell me the name or adress of the Tea House?



  3. Tom, you've actually been to Shenyang before...and you want to return someday??? LOL!

    Shenyang's actually not that bad; I'm just teasin'.

    I forgot to jot down the name and address of the tea house, but I can tell you how to get there. You can rarely find street signs in Shenyang anyways. ;-)

    The joint is in Heping district on the street adjacent to the US consulate and to the right side of a Western-style bakery called Simba (looks like a rip-off of the French bakery, Paul). I believe the street is Nan San Jing.

  4. Haha Shenyang is pretty cool! Thanks a bunch for the infom I'll check it out hehe. As usual, always enjoy reading your adventures. :)