Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dallas: Sushi Robata 2nd Visit

I last visited Sushi Robata December 2009 and vowed to revisit it whenever I'm in Dallas.  I kept that promise, and my mom and I had another wonderful dinner Summer 2010.

I love how they provide free amuse bouche!  I'm always excited when I can enjoy an extra dish, and it's such a bonus when you don't know what it's going to be.  I love the surprise.

The fish quenelles in chilled fish broth was savory-sweet.  The broth can be described by what my mom would call "sweet" in reference to the natural taste of fresh seafood in Chinese. 

Amuse Bouche: Fish Quenelles in Chilled Fish Broth

Baby clams steamed with sake is my family's favorite warm Japanese dish, and if a restaurant has it on the menu, you can bet that we'll order it!  It's a simple dish to make at home, but this dish is like an old friend who you would never hesitate to invite to dinner.  It's comfort food!

Asari Sakamushi (steamed baby clams with sake)

I love sitting at the bar at Sushi Robata because you get the best view of all the sashimi action and the gorgeous works of piscine art that other folks order.  Just check out the colors of our super fresh sashimi combo platter A!

Sashimi Combination A

Since this is a robata restaurant (grill), I felt that we should at least try a couple of grilled meats.  These were surprisingly the only flawed dishes at this beloved restaurant!  The grilled beef sirloin was too tough and lacked flavor.  The grilled squid turned out dry and rubbery and also lacked seasoning.  I'm willing to give their robata dishes another chance when I return to Dallas.  Hopefully, this was just one bad night at the grill.
Grilled Gyu (Sirloin)

Ika Sugatayaki (grilled whole squid)

The hamachi kama brought the dinner back up to a high.  This dish is top-notch.  The meat on the yellowtail collar is tight and juicy.  Lemon juice perfectly enhances the smokiness of fish. 

Hamachi Kama (yellowtail collar)

I ordered the fried river crabs out of curiousity and to take photos of the cuties.  These were fun to pop into my mouth, but they weren't especially tasty.  Soft-shell crabs are definitely the more delectable option.

Kogani Karaage (fried river crabs)

I thought that I could get by a meal without substantial carbs, but I finally succumbed to the rice ball filled with salty fish roe.  It's simple, but fancier than a bowl of rice!
Onigiri (rice ball) with Fish Roe

We finished the meal with a bang.  Instead of dessert, mom and I decided on the succulent sake black cod.  This along with the hamachi kama are the absolute must-haves at Sushi Robata.  I can't believe my brother hasn't tried this place yet.  I'm taking you here next time I'm in town, bro!

Gindara Kasuzuke (Sake flavored black cod)

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