Friday, May 29, 2009

Taste No Evil Muffin Co.

Taste No Evil Muffin Co.
Taste No Evil Muffin Co. is a natural and organic muffin-offering bus on S. Lamar. I'm not a fan of muffins because the overly sweet, greasy, cakey breakfast item from the grocery stores make me sick in the mornings. After reading about them from Tasty Touring's blog, I decided to give Taste No Evil a try. The Blackberry Peach and Strawberry Citrus Sunrise were just the muffins to help me overcome my fear of muffins. Indeed, not all muffins are evil! These muffins are light but packed with fruit. For a person with a strong savory breakfast bias, these muffins sure made a good impression. And for someone who finds grease highly repulsive, these muffins put me at ease because "[t]he butter in this [Strawberry Citrus Sunrise] recipe has been replaced with applesauce making it lower in fat than most muffins you typically encounter, but not less moist."

Blackberry Peach Muffin
Strawbery Citrus Sunrise

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