Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rudy's BBQ

Rudy's BBQ

I owe my early favorite Austin haunts to my friend Rachel. When I was a shamefully unadventurous Austinite, she drove me around town and introduced me to some yummy establishments: Rudy's and Salt Lick for BBQ, Kerbey Lane for queso, Mozart's for the bottomless cuppa joe, and Hyde Park Grill for beer battered fries. Thanks Rach!

Rudy's, although not at the caliber of Salt Lick, offers good, homey BBQ sold by the pound. I'm a big fan of their St. Louis pork ribs, turkey breast, extra lean beef brisket, sweet tea, potato salad, and banana pudding. Yeah. That's like everything I had for dinner.

Banana Pudding
Oh yeah, what makes Rudy's even more awesome is the hand washing station/trough at the back. Sanitation is a big plus in my book!

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