Friday, May 1, 2009

Salt Lick BBQ-insert a high C angelic chorus *ah*

My parents always complain about BBQ for being too heavy and the sauce being too thick and sour for their liking. This is where I differ with them on food. I love all BBQ, even crappy ones as long as the meat is lean, but Salt Lick BBQ is BBQ heaven for me. What's different about Salt Lick's BBQ is that nothing is heavy (on the BBQ scale). The beans, slaw, and potato salad are not drenched in sauce or mayo. They manage to keep things light on the traditionally heavy food. The potato salad even has sesame seeds in it! You taste the natural flavors of the beans, cabbage, and potatoes before you taste the added flavors. The meats are top notch-lean but tender. The sauce is not all vinegary and gloopy like my parents feared. It's slightly sweet and thinner than most BBQ sauces. Why can't Salt Lick open up shop in Central or South Austin? I crave it so badly as I'm writing this!

Salt Lick BBQ Platter

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