Saturday, May 23, 2009

Casa Potin: Dulceria, Panaderia, y Cafeteria

On our way back to Miami from the Everglades, we passed by a ton of Cuban bakeries. It was already 1PM and Versailles was still further down the road, seeing how Tamiami Trail has not yet turned into Calle Ocho. We picked out a bakery randomly for a before lunch snack.

I felt ashamed that my high school Spanish has long gone down the drain when the lady behind the counter looked at me incredulously and said, "¿No hables espaƱol?" I resorted to saying "uno capuchino" and then using the univeresal language of pointing for ordering the croissant-looking pastry that lacked signage.

The capuchino has nothing to do with cappuccino flavoring. It's sort of like a rum baba but with a lighter cake batter. It's very sweet, but not bad.

The warm croissant-like pastry has a thinly sugar coated exterior with a cream cheese filling. I would have never thought this combination would taste good together; this was a very pleasant surprise.

Flakey pastry filled with cream cheese
I highly recommend exploring the bakeries on Calle Ocho/Tamiami Trail.

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