Sunday, November 22, 2009

Salon du Chocolat (Paris 2006)

I was fortunate to have been in Paris when they held a Salon du Chocolat Fall 2006. I thought that I would leave the salon with a bunch of chocolates, but instead, I came away with fruit cakes, spices, and one box of Madame Setsuko chocolates.

The Japanese Madame Setsuko chocolate vendor outshone all the other European chocolates at the salon. The artistry of the chocolate sculptures and the taste of the chocolates of Madame Setsuko were exquisite.

Chocolate covered Kimono
Setsuko Chocolate Floral Origami Sculptures

Chocolate Making at its Best-my favorite piece was the green tea one, bien sur!
The most impressive vendor was a Russian chocolatier. They managed to render chocolates into figurines that look like fine china.

Pig and Puss in Boots from a Russian Chocolatier
Another Chocolate Sculpture Vendor

A Couple of the Winning Sculptures

Chocolate Inspired Frocks (not very impressive)

Fabulous Fruit Cake Vendor

Colorful Spice Stand

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