Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shuggie's Weekend Brunch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and also the most problematic. I always wince a bit at Western breakfasts. I need savory food in the mornings. Sweet beginnings make me feel sick for the rest of the day. And Western breakfasts tend to veer toward the sweet side of the divide (cereals, pancakes, pastries, yogurt). And of course, in the U.S., you can always opt for gigantic lumberjack meals with sausage links that oooze sticky grease. Ugh.

I'm used to eating hot rice porridges in the mornings with dried, shredded pork and Japanese pickles with a hard boiled egg. But that gets tiring.

When I saw that Shuggie's offers Shrimp n' Grits, I drove myself there as soon as I could. The grits impressed. It was savory, warm, and fresh. This surpasses any expectations of trailer food. The shrimp was plentiful, plump, and gives a good snap when you bite into it. No worries of unfresh, mushy shrimp here!

Shrimp n' Grits

I have never had migas before today. Shocking, I know, considering that I've lived in Texas for 15 years! It sure beats scrambled eggs any day. The accompanying bacon and potatoes were cooked with as much care as the migas. Usually bacon and potatoes are prepared sloppily and thrown on your plate of eggs as a ruse to make you feel like you're paying for your money's worth of breakfast. The bacon and potatoes this morning are worth every penny.

Migas Breakfast Plate

I took a risk with ordering the french toast because I wanted to see if Shuggie's can pull off a french toast that doesn't rely heavily on syrup and powdered sugar. This hit the spot even for someone completely sweet adverse. The pecan coating prevented the toast from becoming soggy, and I didn't have to use alot of syrup and butter because it was just that good.

Texas Pecan French Toast with fresh fruit, maple syrup, and butter

I ordered to-go; that's why these photos don't look trailer-park-ish.

And no, I didn't order all these for myself. ;-)

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