Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kerbey Lane: Forget Everything Else, Just Go Straight for the Queso

My friends and I began our love affair with Kerbey Lane's queso in college. I usually require fajita meat in my queso or at least ground beef to make me happy. There's something about the queso blanco with guacamole that separates Kerbey Queso from others around town.

Kerbey Queso

Kerbey Lane is a convenient 24 hour joint that offers a pretty good breakfast menu, but I'm consistently underwhelmed. Sometimes, their seasonal menu seems promising, but everytime I order a cool sounding dish, I end up regretting not having ordered from the breakfast menu.

Case in point:

1) Duck Quesadillas-Shredded duck with caramelized onions, spinach, and aged white cheddar and tamarind chili dipping sauce.

Duck Quesadillas

2) Meatloaf Trifecta-ground antelope, lamb, and bison combined with mushrooms, sage and thyme. Topped with a caramelized onion and tomato gravy and grilled asparagus, garilc mashed potatoes

Meatloaf Trifecta

Great idea, looks delicious, but somehow fails to pass the taste test.

Whereas something off the breakfast menu like the Eggsfrancisco is very satisfying. Maybe that's because it's topped with Kerbey Queso...


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