Sunday, April 12, 2009

Green Pastures Sunday Brunch

So I've been on a search for awesome Sunday Brunch in Austin. Back in Houston, the family would go out for brunch at The Omni Hotel every now and then. The Omni Hotel here looks old, so we highly doubt that the food would be any good. I haven't had time to actually eat Sunday brunches here, and I know that there's a few I should try like Lambert's, Trio, and Moonshine Grill.

In February, we tried out Green Pastures. The milk punch and tea-infused egg peaked my interest. I was especially curious about the tea-infused egg because I wondered whether it would taste like the Chinese tea-infused egg.

First off, Green Pastures is a great place to visit even if you don't plan on dining there. It's located in a quiet residential area in South Austin. Peacocks, including white ones, roam the grounds.

Green Pastures is very Southern with impeccable table setting and of course Southern hospitality. When we arrived at our table, the waiter offered us tropical punch, milk punch and rolls. The milk was like a naughty milkshake.

milk punch (brandy, bourbon, rum, Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream, and milk), tropical punch (orange, pineaple, and mango juice), and bread rolls

Of course I went straight for the tea-infused egg. Unfortunately, it tasted like a plain hard-boiled egg unlike the Chinese cha yie dan. From there, I had some savory pastries, salad, meats, fruits and cheese, and desserts. Everything was delicious, but nothing stood out. It was a standard and safe brunch. It's a great place to soak in the atmosphere of a lazy but elegant Sunday.

Tea-infused Egg and Spinach Quiche and a Pig in a Blanket

Caesar Salad and Tomato and Basil

smoked rainbow trout with pesto sauce, green beans with red peppers and leeks, and chilled seared duck breasts with orange marmalade, Shrimp with chipotle remoulade, bacon wrapped quail breast with jalepeno, smoked salmon, mussel, pork with avocado cream sauce, and beef tenderloin

Fruits and Cheeses

lemon bar, strawberry and marshmallow from the chocolate fountain, and chocolate pot de creme

Peacock Bar upstairs

cafe al fresco

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