Thursday, January 2, 2014

Work, Food, and Life at Epic Systems (in that order) 1 year 7 months

Epic HQ in Verona, Wisconsin
I arrived in the heart of winter to Verona, Wisconsin exactly two years ago.  This is where the "intergalactic" Epic headquarters is located.  More like a tundra, perhaps?  It's actually quite beautiful and peaceful out there in the middle of nowhere, but the buzzing of busy bees inside the campus buildings is in stark contrast to the quiet, calm outdoors.
Many new hires come here thinking that life would be like this:

Rocking Horse in the "Heaven" Building
But I found it to be more like this:
Rocking Horse in the "Heaven" Building
It really was quite the roller coaster ride - one that I didn't enjoy but don't regret.  I can even say that I valued my time there!  That's my sincerest assessment, and I'll leave it at that.
On with the food, which is something Epic uses to entice potential new hires!
"Cassiopeia" - the main cafeteria
Overall, the quality of food varies from day-to-day.  Some dishes can be spectacular and portioned well (meaning, favorable to the hungry average male and, but others can be mediocre and overpriced.  I believe prices were on the rise as I edged closer towards my departure.

Here are the great...
Seafood is a reliable pick

Smoked ham with creamed corn and mashed sweet potato

Tasty fried chicken

Shrimp pasta

Steak is also usually a good pick

 Pork Belly with a side of fried mushrooms
...the forgettable...
Don't get Tex-Mex

BBQ chicken was undercooked

How can you not dress the pasta?!?!
...and the "don't bother":

I'm not even sure what this is...

The pâte à choux for this éclair was hard, thick, and dry

Mayo overkill

Tough beef kebab that's overly sweet

The Fourth of July "EPICnic" is a fairly fun affair with decent steak and overcooked lobster. 


Steak and Lobster Picnic Meal!

Thanks, Epic, for a unique and challenging professional experience!  I am now at peace and happily applying my skills to a job I love!

"Hyperspace" - one of the many cool hallways

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