Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend in Chicago!

This was my first Thanksgiving spent with my significant other`s family! I'm lucky that it wasn't nervewracking because I've spent time with Mike's family on many occasions previously and adore them.  Mike's mom created an awesome itinerary for us.  She must know my penchant for well-planned events!

Mike's mom took me to get my first manicure ever!  I have the tiniest fingernails so it may not look impressive but I felt super feminine!

We had a lovely family dinner at a unique wine bar, Cellar Gate, that's designed like a small intimate house, where the kitchen is the size of my humble apartment kitchen!

Cellar Gate in Highwood, IL

Chicken Flatbread and Kobe Beef Slider
Artichoke Dip and Caprese Skewers
Awesome dessert plate

We ended up pulling Apples to Apples off a shelf at the bar to play along with eating our desserts

Another highlight is heading into downtown Chicago for the Art and Appetite exhibit at the Art Institute.  Too bad I couldn't take photos of the paintings of food!

I can't help thinking of Roger Ebert. I'm sad that I can no longer read his reviews on new movies!

Holiday Season at the Art Institute

We stopped by my favorite Reuben sandwich restaurant, The Berghoff, to warm up and wait to meet up with more family for dinner elsewhere.

The Berghoff

The Family

Black Cherry Soda and a Giant Pretzel

We ended the evening on a frantic 45 minute walking tour conducted by our very own bona fide Chicagoan, Greg, while trying to find the restaurant where we were meeting with the rest of our party. Don't worry, Greg, I actually enjoyed it!  We got to walk by places that I added to my list of places to visit next time, like the donut shop next to the train terminal that sells croissant-donuts, Burke 's Bacon Bar, and Eataly!

Chicago Nightscape

Thank you, Joan and Greg, for an amazing Thanksgiving Weekend!

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