Saturday, December 21, 2013

Next Door Brewing Company

My co-worker, Stephanie, was in town in November, and in our mission to explore Madison restaurants together, we picked out the fairly new Next Door Brewing Company in the Atwood neighborhood.
It was a perfect place to wind down and we went early enough before noise became an issue.

Beer Flight

We shared three awesome appetizers - Pickled and Deviled Eggs; WPA Beer Battered Sassy Cow Curds with Chive Dressing (MY FAVORITE CHEESE CURDS IN MADISON!!!!); Next Door Pickle Jar.
Pickled and Deviled Eggs

Cheese Curds with Chive Dressing

House Pickles

The cheese curds are the best curds ever!  What makes them special is how light and airy they are.  The beer batter must've contributed to the light crunchy texture.  The deviled eggs were pretty standard but the pickled eggs were really interesting - sweet and tart.

Mike and I shared the Ssam Pork Sandwich and the SASY Bird Sandwich.  The sandwiches are both delicious but Mike finds the pork a little bit disappointing as he kept wanting it to taste more like a pulled pork sandwich. 

Ssam Pork Sandwich with kimchi sauce

SASY Bird Sandwich with harissa mayo and brie on a Stella's cheesebread

Stephanie indulged in a sublime sweet potato pie. I loved the light, delicate crust!

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Overall, this was a great place to relax and catch up about non-work-related things!  Can't wait for you to experience Forequarter in January, Steph!

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