Sunday, November 3, 2013

Manna Cafe and Bakery

One of my recurring weekend highlights is sleeping in and getting brunch.  Our favorite spot on the east side is Manna Cafe and Bakery because not only can you get awesome breads and pastries, they offer a number of well made breakfast dishes.
Pastry Case by the Counter

I stupidly neglected to take photos of my breakfasts at Manna so you'll just have to trust me that the dishes are beautiful and delicious.  It's no wonder that Manna is always packed in the mornings.
Mike likes getting the Cravenous Carnivore, which is an egg sandwich with bacon AND sausage, jack cheese and basil pesto.  This gigantic sandwich is also served with fruit and pan-fried potatoes.  We make sure that we sleep in late so we can eat this enormous dish for breakfast and lunch without feeling guilty. 
We also like the various egg scrambles Manna offers, from the standard American ham, cheese and scallion scramble (Wisconsin Sunrise Scramble) to the creative Ojibwe Scramble, which has wild rice, mushroom, bacon and scallions.
Too bad we live on the West side...this means we'll have to get up earlier to make the trek over.

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