Sunday, November 3, 2013

Apple-Banana Coffee Cake with Walnuts and Honey

Ever since I pulled out the bread machine, I've wanted to become a better baker.  I'm the first to admit that baking is difficult for me.  Why is it so difficult to adhere to the damn recipe instructions?!?!  I think my ego gets in the way.  I think I know better than the baker who actually made a successful end product out of the recipe that they shared. "The ingredients on this list are so dull...let me spice it up with..." or "This batter doesn't look right; it looks too dry...let me add some milk..." 

Sometimes, I just can't follow the simplest instructions and things like this happens:

Fail! What was supposed to be a pineapple banana bread.

Until I know the science behind the core ingredients (rising agent - yeast/baking soda-baking powder, sugar - brown/white, flour type, "moisturizer" - butter/oil/honey, liquid - milk/water/yolk/egg white), I really shouldn't try to fuss with the base ingredients or instructions!

However, I can't help but come up with excuses.

This past weekend, I was doing my daily foodgawking and spotted an awesome apple coffee cake with creme fraiche and honey recipe posted by Baking the Goods.  I had most of the ingredients listed in the recipe but was too lazy and budget-oriented to get creme fraiche or use an additional Fuji apple that I had in the fridge.  Instead, of 2 apples, I used 1 apple and 1 super ripe banana (just because it was an eyesore and I wanted to get rid of it).  Instead of creme fraiche, I used whatever yogurt was left in the fridge - blueberry.  I also nixed the yummy crumb topping because I was lazy and wanted to avoid additional sugar and butter.

Please rise properly and taste delicious even though I deviated from the recipe!


This recipe turned out forgiving and I was able to produce a beautiful and delicious Apple-Banana Coffee Cake with Walnuts and Honey!

Apple-Banana Coffee Cake with Walnuts and Honey and
served with Mike's homemade Cranberry Ice Cream

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