Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heirloom Carrots and Hummus

On my recent trip to Central Market, I saw a bunch of beautiful heirloom carrots and couldn't help buying some and tasting them immediately when I returned home.  I bought some Purple Haze, Purple Rain, White, Yellowstone, and Atomic (orange) carrots.

Variety of Heirloom Carrots

I wanted to eat the carrots raw so that I can taste the difference between the different colored carrots.  I made a mid-afternoon snack plate composed of these heirloom carrots, the Oregon-based Lilly's Hummus, sliced gourmet baby cucumbers,soy-wasabi toasted almonds and honey roasted almonds, and UnieKaas Parrano, a gouda-parmesan hybrid cheese. 

Lilly's Roasted Jalapeno Hummus

A Mid-afternoon Feast!

The Yellowstone and White carrots were a bit dull; the Purple Rain and Purple Haze (purple on the outside, orange on the inside) are the sweetest varieties of the bunch.  The roasted jalapeno hummus is really spicy.  The heat hits you mid-throat.  It's really good though!

Gorgeous Multi-Colored Carrots

I decided to make my mid-afternoon snack into something of an afternoon tea, complete with Central Market muffins!

Chocolate, Pistachio, and Cherry Muffin; Blueberry; Apricot and White Chocolate; Strawberry and Goat Cheese

The creative combination of ingredients were intriguing, but the muffins are way too sweet.  I appreciate that Central Market packed the muffins with a bunch of stuff, but the abundance of chocolate chips  in the Chocolate, Pistachio, and Cherry Muffin and the Apricot and White Chocolate was overkill.

Leftover Carrots for Tomorrow's Work Snack!

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