Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Early this semester, I found out about Coreanos, and was a bit confused because the menu online looks an awful lot like Chi'lantro's.  M and I decided to check out Coreanos' take on Korean-Mexican fusion tacos before dorking out by going to class even though the prof. had cancelled it.

Huge Crowd

We ordered a bunch of stuff to-go and ate in the classroom so the food was no longer hot.  We noted that Coreanos' beef short rib has a better texture than Chi'lantro's beef bulgogi, but I preferred Chi'lantro's lettuce and kimchi topping over Coreanos' bland slaw.  I also preferred Chi'lantro's pork taco over Coreano's spicy twice-cooked pork belly.  Chilantro's fries were more golden and thus more aesthetically pleasing.  Overall, Coreanos offers satisfying Korean-Mexican tacos and is conveniently located. 

Marinated Beef Short Ribs Taco and Spicy Twice-Cooked Pork Belly Taco
Three Wise Fries - French fries, grilled onions, marinated beef short rib, spicy marinated chicken, spicy twice-cooked pork belly, cheese and el scorcho sauce

Seasoned Fries - with el scorcho, spicy ketchup and Korean BBQ sauce

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