Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whip In

Whip In Convenience Store

I've been curious about Whip In since it first opened next to I-35 a while back.  A convenience store that serves Gujarati style Indian food and doubles as a live music venue?  It's stores like this that makes Austin so distinctly Austin.

Table in front of the stage

I walked in at noon not knowing what the heck I wanted for lunch.  I ended up ordering a combo basmati rice bowl of cauliflower and curry chicken, a homemade naan, and Indian iced tea. 

Cauliflower and Curry Chicken & Potatotes on Basmati Rice with Naan

I didn't feel like a total pig until the enormous bowl was set in front of me.  The curry was medium spicy and rich in flavor.  Combined with the fragrant basmati rice, I was in curry heaven.  Shu, if you're reading this, Whip In is definitely a place that you should try.  This bowl of steaming rice and curry warmed me right up on a cold, damp and gray day. 

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